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Image Peter de Lory to Kenda North
by Peter de Lory published Oct 31, 1977 last modified Apr 12, 2013 04:47 PM — filed under: , ,
Kenda—Yes for: Tina Barney Great send the prints to me. Commission = lunch on you next time I see you. xx As you might imagine I've become more interested in cars lately. As you can see. I've scaled down the prints a little from my murals. Cheers. Peter de Lory
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Image Ellen Manchester to Bonnie Lambert
by Ellen Manchester published Apr 05, 1977 last modified Mar 23, 2013 07:17 AM — filed under: , , , , ,
Dear Bon—Wonderful to talk to you the other night! God I miss you. Still really don't have many friends in Breckenridge, but things are looking better. May get a full-time job and NEA survey grant may come through. Went dancing with David Johnson at S.P.E.! He's fine, also saw Peter de Lory, Joan Redmond, lots of old buddies—not as as much fun as other S.P.E.'s though. Love to you both, Ellen forgot to mail this
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Image Peter de Lory to Bonnie Lambert and Ellen Manchester
by Peter de Lory published May 04, 1972 last modified Mar 20, 2013 07:24 AM — filed under: , ,
Hello & Hello chue-chue In Mendocino for a few days alone. beautiful. got your card, happy to hear you rented my room! (did you get a card from me asking you Bonnie dear hear to send me some checks from the first book shelf on the right.. in my room please I'm going to need them soon)* taking photos like crazy hear and joined the volunteer firemen (honorary member) Well carry-on—all is well in Love Peter * —my prints are at the Focus now!?
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Image Peter de Lory to Bonnie Lambert
by Peter de Lory published Jan 01, 1972 last modified Mar 20, 2013 06:58 AM — filed under: , ,
Bonnie* Your [sic] a doll. Thankx soo much for sending things. Haveing [sic] fun times a [illegible] times, shooting & printing a bit. getting broke quickly. but it's worth it, ya-ya-ya-. glad you found a Photo Weener to occupy my room. be back [illegible]. Bryce Canyon & Zion around the 25th. with my love, Peter Daguerre—Do not eat this card. Hi—Ellen [Manchester].
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Image Ellen Manchester to Kenda North
by Ellen Manchester published Sep 11, 1978 last modified Jan 27, 2013 07:40 PM — filed under: , , ,
Kenda—Miss you—miss you! Thank god Michael came with me—Peter [de Lory] in Aspen, EXTREMELY cool reception from Andy—Janice [Belson] and Jim warm and excited about my arrival. Am in a funky condo in Elkhorn! Michael fishing—our tip was fantastic, beautiful, wonderful and relaxing! Sent p-card to your Mom at "Irma Hotel" in Cody! Will try to call you this week—late night. Love you—Ellen
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Image Ellen Manchester to Bonnie Lambert
by Ellen Manchester published Nov 07, 1976 last modified Jan 27, 2013 05:01 PM — filed under: , ,
This place is indeed one of the wierdest [sic] places I've ever been. Five days of workshops—am somewhat burned out but also energized by a great group of students. Peter [de Lory] is fine, sends his best—see you sometime LATE Sat night? Love. Ellen
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This whole experience (of reviewing old postcards) is a combination of nostalgia and nausea. Mark Johnstone

Thanks for doing all this; I do have many more cards... Kenda North

This is a really swell idea. Thomas F. Barrow

I'm amazed at the traction your project is getting—it inspires my participation. Dave Freund

This is SOOOO good....I love it.....totally. Lance Carlson

Love this project, will need to do some serious and strategic excavations to find pc's... Ellen Manchester

Very cool to see this. It takes me back! Mark Klett

Good luck with your wonderful project. Sandy Hume

That is a phenomenal website. Thanks! Alan Nakagawa

Ok, my plans for the day are shot! I have to look through some old boxes in the basement. This is outstanding! Sue Robinson

Refreshingly different. Jack Fulton

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