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Image Peter Galassi to Bonnie Lambert
by Peter Galassi published Apr 09, 1977 last modified Feb 27, 2013 12:48 PM — filed under: , , , , ,
8 April 77 NYC [In case you didn't guess, this pic is about love] Dear Bonnie—You made it into Light Gallery sooner than you thought; as a subject in a Dave Freund picture (you're seen mostly from behind—but unmistakably you—and a girl cut in half on a porch on the right). The show is not bad—that VERY delicate sensibility; my only objection is that technically they're a little sloppy: fuzzy & grainy which is bad for all the delicate stuff. But still pretty good. Dave seems happy & we had a nice talk at the openning [sic], and that Harold [Jones] produced some sort of elegant demonstration. Does the show look good? Nice frames? The [Robert] Rauschenberg show here is marvelous—what's terrific is that he was willing to try anything. Jonnie & Susan, back from England, send love. P.
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Image Mark Johnstone to Bonnie Lambert
by Mark Johnstone published Sep 03, 2012 last modified Jan 28, 2013 08:52 AM — filed under: , ,
Sometimes the best way to get a piece to work as art is to turn it upside down. [Robert] Rauschenberg told me he'd remove the "strongest part"
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Image Mark Johnstone to Bonnie Lambert
by Mark Johnstone published Sep 01, 2012 last modified Jan 28, 2013 08:50 AM — filed under: , ,
Looks vaguely like [Robert] Rauschenberg thinks popular fashion design art
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This whole experience (of reviewing old postcards) is a combination of nostalgia and nausea. Mark Johnstone

Thanks for doing all this; I do have many more cards... Kenda North

This is a really swell idea. Thomas F. Barrow

I'm amazed at the traction your project is getting—it inspires my participation. Dave Freund

This is SOOOO good....I love it.....totally. Lance Carlson

Love this project, will need to do some serious and strategic excavations to find pc's... Ellen Manchester

Very cool to see this. It takes me back! Mark Klett

Good luck with your wonderful project. Sandy Hume

That is a phenomenal website. Thanks! Alan Nakagawa

Ok, my plans for the day are shot! I have to look through some old boxes in the basement. This is outstanding! Sue Robinson

Refreshingly different. Jack Fulton

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