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Image Mike Mandel to Dave Freund
by Mike Mandel published Jul 27, 1976 last modified Apr 12, 2013 04:01 PM — filed under: , , ,
Dear Davey Will be arriving Wash DC Aug 1 May be arriving NYC sometime thereafter—Larry Sultan & I are coming to research the photographic archives of all govern-dementia so we may be on that side of the world for about 3 weeks. If we do come to NYC I'll call & we'll see you again. Just remember to bring me a copy of those topless girls in the backyard or forget the whole think—Mike Mandel—will be at: [address and phone redacted]
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Image Mike Mandel to Dave Freund
by Mike Mandel published Apr 26, 1978 last modified Mar 17, 2013 09:49 AM — filed under: , ,
4-26-78 Dear Dave, As you can see Larry [Sultan] and I are making billboards that are exact replicas of some of your photos. We just added some color so you couldn't sue us. So thanks, pal.—Mike
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This whole experience (of reviewing old postcards) is a combination of nostalgia and nausea. Mark Johnstone

Thanks for doing all this; I do have many more cards... Kenda North

This is a really swell idea. Thomas F. Barrow

I'm amazed at the traction your project is getting—it inspires my participation. Dave Freund

This is SOOOO good....I love it.....totally. Lance Carlson

Love this project, will need to do some serious and strategic excavations to find pc's... Ellen Manchester

Very cool to see this. It takes me back! Mark Klett

Good luck with your wonderful project. Sandy Hume

That is a phenomenal website. Thanks! Alan Nakagawa

Ok, my plans for the day are shot! I have to look through some old boxes in the basement. This is outstanding! Sue Robinson

Refreshingly different. Jack Fulton

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