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Image Marshall Mayer to Mark Mayer
by Marshall Mayer published Apr 26, 1977 last modified Apr 12, 2013 05:21 PM — filed under: , , ,
Mark—We saw "Pumping Iron" last night. It's really good—I saw another one of them Robin Robinson "world's most perfect biceps." Went to S.D. to see a show at UCSD and check out neighborhoods. Dan [Loewenstein] says everything is expensive. He doesn't know about the houseboat situation. The reason we got $ from school is because we're in the top 5 in our class. So we're starting out alright. Marsh
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Image Marshall Mayer to Mark Mayer (5 of 13)
by Marshall Mayer published Jul 04, 1976 last modified Jan 27, 2013 08:14 PM — filed under: , ,
I do want to do the meta cafe colaboration [sic] and I still think it's a good idea for a show which we should do. It could be a really interesting (to other people + to us I'm sure) collaboration and besides the design for the cafe we should document the collaboration for the show. like this here. We seem to be at low tide now so let's feed off each other and grow even though by long distance. A collaboration like yours & Dan's [Loewenstein] last year was good and something I'm interested in—
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Image Dan Loewenstein to Mark Mayer
by Dan Loewenstein published May 19, 1977 last modified Jan 27, 2013 05:39 PM — filed under: , , ,
Mark, Don't you think that the boat on the front would make a perfect studio? You said you were going to look for a house boat—I'll see if I can arrange for a sale somewhere between 1-5 million. You probably wouldn't like it anyway it has an iron hull. I need to know the dates you will be here. I might go up to L.A. on the 27th and John Klemmer will be here on June 3rd. I saw a performance by Michael Snow. It was excellently funny art. I liked it but I can't analyze it for some some reason—it was to [sic] much fun. Keep those cards and letters coming. You know it's easier to invest money that it is to find a job. Dan L.
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Image Dan Loewenstein to Marshall Mayer and Bonnie Lambert
by Dan Loewenstein published Nov 11, 1980 last modified Oct 25, 2012 11:36 AM — filed under: , ,
Marshal [sic] & Bonnie; This is Steve's house. A little on the ornate side but comfy. The drive was great: Saw a road runner cross the road slowly. Drove past the Umma [Yuma] County Dump. All the campgrounds in Oak Ridge were closed but there was a "overnight parking" area. I missed the continental divide drove right by it. Took 1/2 hour to start car in Oak Ridge (cold) it was the elevation. I missed Veta [La Veta] pass until I was passed it—but stayed in a park outside of Marsenburgh [Walsenburg]—I paid—but didn't have to. Of all the ways to see snow after 4 years—Wolfcreek [Wolf Creek] pass was the best—the grounds and trees looked [illegible] for years. Seeing [covered] turned leaves (fall) again [covered] has convinced me that So. Cal is not my destination. I am convinced I rolled all the way to K.C. down hill from Veta [La Veta] Pass. Dan L.
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Image Dan Loewenstein to Bonnie Lambert and Marshall Mayer
by Dan Loewenstein published Mar 18, 1980 last modified Oct 25, 2012 11:21 AM — filed under: , ,
Marshall: The phone conversation was great made me feel like an adult (both of us). I look forward to many of them in the future. Thanks. Bonnie: Sorry I missed you. I miss you. Hope the job is going well. I hope you liked your B-day present. Don't feel obligated to do the photo stuff (Marshall should have told you about it). You all: I might be up on Sat. 29th (this month) maybe we can have breakfast Love Dan L.
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Image Dan Loewenstein to Mark and Brenda Mayer
by Dan Loewenstein published Aug 18, 1976 last modified Oct 25, 2012 11:09 AM — filed under: , ,
Dear Mark,—Just got back from Minnesota—thanks for the poster. I didn't expect you to have a show so soon. Do you think about the audience. Minnesota & Wisconsin are great. Can't wait to see your prints. U.C. San Diego is limited to conceptual critical stuff—but good. I liked Davis and for facilities Cal Arts or CIA [California Institute of the Arts]. I am still looking for a place to work and stuff not school yet—Don't know where to go—Such is life Dan L. (Hi BrendaLee)
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This whole experience (of reviewing old postcards) is a combination of nostalgia and nausea. Mark Johnstone

Thanks for doing all this; I do have many more cards... Kenda North

This is a really swell idea. Thomas F. Barrow

I'm amazed at the traction your project is getting—it inspires my participation. Dave Freund

This is SOOOO good....I love it.....totally. Lance Carlson

Love this project, will need to do some serious and strategic excavations to find pc's... Ellen Manchester

Very cool to see this. It takes me back! Mark Klett

Good luck with your wonderful project. Sandy Hume

That is a phenomenal website. Thanks! Alan Nakagawa

Ok, my plans for the day are shot! I have to look through some old boxes in the basement. This is outstanding! Sue Robinson

Refreshingly different. Jack Fulton

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