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Image Mark Johnstone to Eric Minuth
by Mark Johnstone published Feb 10, 1978 last modified May 31, 2013 01:54 PM — filed under: , ,
Exemplar: Archetype see model
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Image Andrea Jennison and Tom Breeden to Mark Johnstone
by Andrea Jennison published Jul 12, 1977 last modified May 31, 2013 01:50 PM — filed under: , , ,
Hope all is progressing will w/you. We are in a whirlpool of moving activity. Seems like there's no beginning or end! We certainly enjoyed the C. C. workshop. A virtual paradise of facilities you have!!! Hope we can do something there again perhaps. As ever, Andrea & Tom
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Image Ben Benschneider to Mark Johnstone
by Leroy "Ben" Benschneider (deceased) published Jan 01, 1982 last modified May 31, 2013 01:35 PM — filed under: ,
'82 Happy Holidays, Mark! Look forward to next summer. Ben
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Image Jerry Burchfield to Mark Johnstone
by Jerry Burchfield (deceased) published Jun 27, 1983 last modified May 31, 2013 01:25 PM — filed under: , , , , ,
Mark—I hope all is going well in Colorado. Been real busy here. Talked to Jack Higbee about SPE & he said you were helping co-ordinate events. (I'm amazed that you have the time) Anyway he said to let you know that we or I am interested in taking part at the conference. I can afford the travel expenses this year. We'd also like to co-ordinate things at BC [Space] so there are no conflicts. Let me know if a lecture or something could be worked into the program. In the meantime enjoy the summer. My best to Ben [Benschneider] and Scott [McLeod]—Jerry
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Image Susan Rankaitis to Mark Johnstone
by Susan Rankaitis published Jun 20, 1981 last modified Apr 16, 2013 12:54 PM — filed under: , , , ,
6/18 Dear Mark—Hope that you are having a wonderful summer—Susan Larsen was asked to write for A.F. [ArtForum] & went to seen them when she was in NY. They asked her all about you & she rec. you HIGHLY so they are going to ask you to start writing, I assume, in the fall. Big time kiddo—congratulations. Letter soon. Love to Ben [Benschneider]. R [Robbert Flick] says hello. Love, Susan
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Image Susan Rankaitis to Mark Johnstone
by Susan Rankaitis published Jun 22, 1981 last modified Apr 16, 2013 12:54 PM — filed under: , ,
6/22 Dear Mark—We got your card but the street name & zip code were totally stamped out by the P.O. Please try again. It was 108º last week. Letter soon, love to Ben [Benschneider]. Susan
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Image Jody Boyman to Mark Johnstone
by Jody Boyman published Jan 01, 1983 last modified Apr 15, 2013 06:13 PM — filed under: , , , , , ,
[address redacted] —look familiar? Hi Mark! Just thought I'd drop you a card to say hi and see how all is going with you. Are you keeping busy? I know, stupid question... So are you headed back out Colorado way this summer? I hear rumors that it'll be b&w. True? Right now I'm in Frank Gohlke's class, trying to get all my English majorish stuff done in time to graduate & make summer plans. A tall order! I've been keeping in touch with Ben [Benschneider] and Tom [Mawn], trying to get some concrete plans together. Tim [Peek] is still in Nicaragua, and I guess nothing will be definite for me until he says yay or nay. I'm having breakfast at J's tomorrow with Ben, so maybe it'll all be clearer. Another factor has come into the picture now too... I went to cover the amateur boxing championships at the AFA [Air Force Academy] recently and had the fortune to end up squatting next to Co Rentmeester from Life (and various other publications.) He invited me out to visit him at the Time/Life Building in N.Y.C. I've since mailed him a letter with a boxing photo enclosed. He called today, and it looks like I'll see him in a month! He also mentioned that he needs a production assistant.... We'll see what happens,.. but I am excited! Hope all is well w/you. Sunshine—Jody
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Image Alfred Appel to Mark Johnstone
by Alfred Appel Jr. (deceased) published Aug 27, 1985 last modified Apr 13, 2013 09:01 PM — filed under: , , , , ,
Dear Mark: Belated thanks for yr. letter & exhibition announcement. Good luck with it! I regretted to learn of Ben's [Benschneider] death, & appreciate your own sense of loss. My condolences to you. I was very sorry to have the Colorado gig cancelled—was greatly looking forward to it. Next yr, I hope. Speaking of "gigs"—& jazz talk, did you know that Inglewood is the hometown of the late, lamented ZOOT SIMS? You asked what I'm up to w/ Larry Burrows.... same project, lecture from 1 1/2 yrs ago—a study of the American war culture, which will cover, in part, photo journalism, too, esp. LIFE mag. in 3 wars. Have you seen the new U.S. stamp memorializing Korea based on a D. D. [David Duncan] Duncan photo no credit to him, obv. Hope all goes well, Best, Alfred Appel
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Image Heidi Cost to Mark Johnstone
by Heidi Cost published Dec 06, 1980 last modified Apr 13, 2013 05:41 PM — filed under: , ,
Dec 4, 1908 Mark—Had b-fast w/ Ben [Benschneider] this morn. He's looking healthy and happy. We already have two people accepted to the summer inst! (Remember John Catto?) Anyways, I'm doing better than usual ('tis the season to be jolly, after all). FINALLY got rid of the pups (motherhood agh!!) and have been traveling a little—Chicago and Santa Fe. Will be home for x-mas, then playing decadent in Aspen. Just gotta have a fur coat and boots for the apres-ski scene! Enjoy the holiday. Take care, Heidi (Biff's arriving in LA soon.) P.S. I haven't mellowed out—alas....
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Image Jerry Burchfield to Mark Johnstone and Ben Benschneider
by Jerry Burchfield (deceased) published Jul 19, 1982 last modified Feb 27, 2013 12:02 PM — filed under: , ,
Ben and Mark, Thanks once again for having us out. As usual it was a complete pleasure. Sorry we were unable to make it to the Sand Dunes, as it turned out we couldn't have gone anyway—I had to do my final crit on Friday night and we didn't get to leave till Saturday morning. Next time we get out your way, we will plan on staying longer so we can have some time to do a few more things. Thanks again & enjoy the summer—Jerry & Barb
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This is SOOOO good....I love it.....totally. Lance Carlson

Love this project, will need to do some serious and strategic excavations to find pc's... Ellen Manchester

Very cool to see this. It takes me back! Mark Klett

Good luck with your wonderful project. Sandy Hume

That is a phenomenal website. Thanks! Alan Nakagawa

Ok, my plans for the day are shot! I have to look through some old boxes in the basement. This is outstanding! Sue Robinson

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